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Phantom Wireless Car Charger

$49.95 $89.95


Take a deep breath.

This is the most advanced wireless car charger ever made.

Combining our groundbreaking Phantom Wireless 2.0 technology that charges BOTH iPhones and Androids are the maximum speed possible, we took it one step further and created an amazing dual-mount car charger that automatically opens and closes silently.

With an ultra-secure grip on your phone, you can go over the bumpiest ride and your phone wouldn't move an inch. 

But it WILL be charging the whole time.

Yet with a simple tap on the bottom right corner, the mount opens, and your phone is ready to be taken with you.

With a premium PU leather backing that matches the highest end Italian supercars, this is the upgrade your car and phone have been looking for.

Charging compatible with the iOS system: iPhone 8 / iPhone 8S / iPhone X ONLY