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Mini Desk

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Mini Desk™ - Take the HEAT Off Your Lap - Cool Desk


Have you ever felt a burning sensation while using your laptop on the couch or in bed?


You know the kind of warm that you try to ignore while working with your laptop for an extended period of time?

Sources: ABC NEWS Click HERE for Details

Watch Out, Your Laptop Could Burn You


  • Overheated laptops can cause a nettle sting-like rash called 'Toasted Skin Syndrome'.

  • The temperature underneath the laptop could reach 125? (or 52?). The affected skin resembled skin damaged by long-term sun exposure

  • Balancing a laptop on bare legs can can cause permanent skin darkening.




If this is a regular occurrence for you, you need to know about - CoolDesk™


Using your laptop on the couch or in bed has never been more comfortable.  It not only takes the harmful radiant heat off your lap, but also adjusts to your favourite positions.


You can improve your posture by adjusting CoolDesk as a functional standing desk. Place it on your regular home or office and raise it to your standing height.


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Great Light Weight Alternative to Traditional Bulky Standing Desk.